The Sustainable Scrapbook – Vol. 010

Volume 010

Welcome to Vol.010 of The Sustainable Scrapbook: Poapoa’s fortnightly newsletter helping you discover the latest sustainability news, apps, products & ideas.

We believe that for our grandchildren to inherit a beautiful world, the change makers need to be heard.

This is our way of sharing their voice with you.

Eat Earth into good health

The first science-based Planetary Health Diet has been devised. The diet is a “win-win” as it would save at least 11-million people a year from deaths caused by unhealthy food and prevent the collapse of our natural world. Luckily, it’s delicious.

Ready to change your diet to save the world?

Infinite trips for everyone

What’s free to use, nonpolluting and can carry you almost anywhere on Earth? You’ve got it — a bicycle! And now, has 4-million user-generated routes for you to try. Totally free & easy to use, you can now avoid unwanted hills or uneven paths. Just remember to ride safely, wear a helmet and, at night especially, be easily seen.

Download the app & get peddlin’

Positive thought creates positive action

We all suffer from negative thinking from time to time. It’s a pain. It doesn’t just keep us low, unmotivated or frustrated, but also keeps us distracted. A more positive populace will act more positively. Forbes compiled a list of 11 ways to help you push those negs aside and focus more on what’s good. 

Don’t let your mind bring you down

Guilt-free sparkles

Post Blue Planet II, many of us are aware of Earth’s plastic problem. Thankfully, micro-plastics have been ditched en masse… other than glitter, it seems. But worry not,
Eco Glitter Fun has a cruelty free, vegan, biodegradable solution to keep the party going without mass extinction to worry about.

Switch your glitter & party on!