The Sustainable Scrapbook – Vol. 008

Volume 008

Welcome to Vol.008 of The Sustainable Scrapbook: Poapoa’s fortnightly newsletter helping you discover the latest sustainability news, apps, products & ideas.

We believe that for our grandchildren to inherit a beautiful world, the change makers need to be heard.

This is our way of sharing their voice with you.

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“Ditch cling film & switch to soap…”

In 2018, you probably heard about the blight of plastic pollution on Earth. Want to know what you can do to help? The Guardian have compiled a list of ten simple changes you can make to lower your plastic reliance. Not only will you decrease your carbon footprint but you’ll save money, too. 

Anti-plastic alternatives at your disposal

Shop green

Sometimes our desire for a greener lifestyle is met by obstacles. A Slice of Green provide the way around with their one-stop green shop. They sell everything you could want from reusable cups & containers to zero-waste lunch kits. If you’re still looking for the metal straw or non-plastic wrap, the search is up.

Ethical products that care about the planet

Welcome to the future of transport

Imagine a future where you scan your map app for an electric scooter, find one just outside your door, unlock it with your phone, hop on and ride off into the sunset without noise or air pollution. Well, Lime Econduce have made that future the present. Neither are yet available in the UK, but European & Latin American folk are there already. 

Discover the future here here

Breathe. You’ll feel better.

Wim Hof, AKA The Iceman, has mastered breathing. His mastery has enabled him to run up Everest in his shorts & hold his breathe for 10 minutes. His breathing technique can also bring instant calm. Listen to it taught here. 

Learn Wim’s four-minute de-stress