Sustainable Scrapbook Vol. 005

Welcome to Vol.005 of The Sustainable Scrapbook: Poapoa’s bi-weekly newsletter helping you discover the people, products and ideas leading the way to a sustainable planet.

We believe that for future generations to inherit a beautiful world, the change makers need to be heard.

This is our way of sharing their voice with you.


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Change, please!

Homelessness has doubled in the UK since 2010, and the coffee industry is facing a skills shortage. Change Please says why not solve both problems at once.

Change Please is London-based social enterprise that employs homeless people to serve Londoners coffee. They provide full barista training, London Living Wage and housing, bank account and wellness support.

Find their super coffee carts here

The hi-tech way to stay hydrated

If just one in 10 Brits refilled a water bottle once a week, there’d be 340 million less bottles in circulation every year! However the big issue is where to fill-up when you’re away from home.

The good news is there’s now an app for that. Refill marks all the places you can fill up on for free!

Download the app.

The low-tech way to stay hydrated

Sometimes the perfect solution is the most simple. Ecofiltro has just that! Their water filtration system uses just 3 natural materials, clay, sawdust and colloidal silver, to make undrinkable water drinkable! They aim to provide 1-million rural Guatemalans with clean water by 2020. To date, they’re one quarter of the way there.

Simplicity at it’s best.

Buy a Guatemalan school a lifesaving filtration system

Saving lives from the sky

When we think of drones, we think of bombs taking lives. However, in Rwanda, fixed-wing drones are saving lives by delivering blood to rural areas. Proof again that technology is only as evil as the hands that control it.

See Rwanda’s Zipline in action