Sustainable Scrapbook Vol. 004

Knowledge is Power

Welcome to Vol.004 of The Sustainable Scrapbook: Poapoa’s bi-weekly newsletter helping you discover the people, products and ideas leading the way to a sustainable planet.

We believe that for future generations to inherit a beautiful world, the change makers need to be heard.

This is our way of sharing their voice with you.


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Madrid bans polluting vehicles from city centre

The Spanish capital has banned polluting vehicles in the city centre. Bravo!

Their plan establishes a low-emissions zone allowing only vehicles that produce zero emissions to drive freely around the downtown area. This will cut nitrogen dioxide levels by 23% in 2020 and put people – rather than the internal combustion engine – at the heart of transport policy.

Read why Madrid is leading the way

The London supper club that transforms lives

Fat Macy’s is a supper club and catering firm staffed by volunteers living in sheltered accommodation. These volunteers are trained as chefs and compensated in credits for every hour of work they do.

The profits from Fat Macy’s go into a housing deposit scheme. With every pop-up event, each chef can make an independent step towards saving for a future beyond sheltered housing.

Find a Fat Macy’s Christmas supper club

Why let great food go to waste?

The UK food industry wastes 1.9 million tonnes of food each year. Here are three apps that connect someone in need with wholesome food that would go otherwise go to waste.

‘appy days

Moringa = Plant power.

Moringa is a tiny leaf that packs a big punch. The nutrient rich plant is well known to Poapoa and features in our Moringa & Rosemary Shea Soap. It’s also an amazing superfood and one brand, Kuli Kuli, is making Moringa superfoods in partnership with women’s co-operatives in emerging countries.

Eat well and do good