Poapoa harnesses the power of plants to bring you naturally hydrating and nourishing skincare that is harmless to skin + planet.

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Coconuts are hot. Everyone wants them. Coconut producers must be getting rich, right?


But why? Because traditional models are broken and impede a shared progress. A new standard should be set.

Poapoa doesn’t make anything alone. We collaborate with small producers from rural, emerging communities.

Together we cultivate botanical blends and introduce them to a market they couldn’t otherwise access.

Everyone contributes so we all reap the rewards.

We have access to natural, hand-farmed ingredients straight from the source.

The producers and farmers earn enough to grow their communities.

You’ll know our ingredients, where they come from and what they cost.

Poapoa soaps, lotions and shampoos are packed full of natural ingredients and essential oils.

We don’t state that we’re free from this and that because our standard is always free.

We believe companies should declare their toxins and impurities, not that they happen to have left one out.