MCOCO, is a mobile platform designed to streamline the coconut supply chain to tackle the root causes of inequalities and disenfranchisements of coastal farmers in Kenya.


This platform gives farmers instant access to information about the price of crops, arranges on-demand pick up using local drivers (creating jobs as a result) and ensures immediate, fair payment. This platform is based on a membership system and code verified payments which ensure downward accountability across the whole chain and discourage side-selling.


MCOCO leverages the existing mobile payment technology of MPESA and connects it with a programmable SMS programme interface to manage the interaction with stakeholders across the supply chain.


We are proud to work in partnership with local organisations to deliver this ambitious project that wants to disrupt the Kenyan Coconut Sector and will allow us to bring to our customers the only Virgin Coconut Oil with a transparent supply chain, entirely tracked from the tree to kitchen cupboard.