Sunday nights are all about relaxing, unwinding and rebalancing to ensure you start the week ahead in the best way possible. It’s easy enough to get to Sunday with a massive to-do list left over from the week, but it’s important to take time out and enjoy some me-time so you’re ready to hit the week ahead. Establishing a bedtime routine will help you settle down for the evening and slumber away in the night.

Here are a few of the little rituals we do on a Sunday night:

Meal Prep:

It may sound counter-intuitive as this adds another thing to your to-do list, but meal prepping can help you unwind on a Sunday night. Cooking releases your creative juices, helps you start the week organized by having all (or some) of your meals ready and it gives you a lovely dinner to enjoy on Sunday night. Knowing that you’ll start the week eating healthy, nourishing foods simply ticks off too many boxes to not be included.


Unplug your phone:

If you find yourself in the late hours of the night glued to your screen and mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, opting for a bit of digital detox will go a long way. Sunday nights are the perfect occasion for this – you’re at home and let’s be honest, you’re probably not going to miss anything super urgent. In our digital-centric lives, cutting off some screen time will reap a bunch of benefits – from a more restful sleep, increased focus and reduced social anxiety, you’ll be able to relax and connect more with those around you. And if you want to up your game, try out the 48 Hour Challenge and put your phone away for two days during the weekend!


Take a bath:

There’s no better way to treat yourself than a long bath and aromatherapy on a Sunday night. The benefits? Reduced levels of stress and better sleep. Both our Poapoa shampoos and body washes use powerful essential oils such as rosemary and lemon oil to give you a boost. Before applying to your hair or body, pour some onto your hands and make sure you take in the aromas – heaven in a bottle.

Let yourself indulge:

Whatever it is that you enjoy but don’t let yourself do too often, do it. This could be a rom-com on Netflix (just make sure you do it early in the evening so it doesn’t affect your no-screen time), a glass of wine or perhaps a few scoops of ice cream. Give yourself the space to do something just for you tonight, without thinking about the consequences or judgment. It’s all about balance, so feel free to treat yourself!

Read a book:

Even if it’s just 15 minutes before going to bed, reading a book can have a number of benefits including lowered blood pressure, heart rate, and stress levels. It’s also a good way to meditate, ensuring your mind is kept away from focusing on the pile of dirty laundry or your never-ending to-do list for the morning.

Bonus: invest in a light body clock:

This is a bonus tip to ensure Monday mornings are not as bad as they could be. Body alarm clocks use light to gradually imitate a natural sunrise during 30 minutes to match our internal circadian biological clocks. This ensures you naturally wake up refreshed and has been shown to boost mood and energy levels.

Do you have any Sunday rituals that really work for you? Let us know on Instagram!